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It was year 1983 and a young Malaysian arrived in London to pursue his further studies. That was where he first found great radio. Capital Radio 95.8, London's most popular contemporary hit station and LBC, UK's leading talk radio station, were leaders in their respective niches and provided rich inspiration.

Malek Ali kept track of the Malaysian radio scene ever since, watching the birth of Time Highway Radio in 1994, arguably Malaysia's first attempt at a contemporary hit station. The following year, MEASAT Broadcast Networks (now Astro) announced the launch of six brand new FM stations, bringing to our shores what is known as format radio or radio stations designed for specific demographics.

Fast forward to 2008. Malaysian listeners have responded enthusiastically to format radio, Astro achieved tremendous success through the strict application of format radio, its 8 stations then having 67% revenue market share. Media Prima is hot on Astro's heels with HotFM and Fly FM, whereas Star has made inroads in the radio market with RFM98.8, Red104.9 and Suria. Time Highway Radio, the format pioneer, was pummeled by Astro and retreated to the Indian-language format and is now itself owned by Astro.

But format radio, really now in its 14th year, has taken a toll on the quality of the radio conversation. Radio DJs commonly talk down to their audience and breakfast show topics are reduced to trivial, inconsequential topics. Even music programming retreats to the lowest common denominator of mass market music. Many mature listeners wish for the return of quality conversation and discerning music.

And this is where BFM steps in.

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